Sunday, March 1, 2009


Of course I love the Bicycle Repair Man sketch by Monty Python. Sometimes I would have needed someone like him to fix my broken bike right where it broke somewhere in the country.

Unfortunately there aren't super heroes in real life.

Uhm! Aren't there?

Well, there was Sheldon Brown (July 14, 1944 – February 3, 2008). Brown not only was a bicycle mechanic and technical authority of legendary reputation, he also maintained his knowledge on his website. Many articles can be found, dealing with repairs and maintenance, riding tips for beginners as well as for advanced riders, general information on bikes, lights, bike traveling, and much more. Although the articles are categorized, it sometimes is hard to find information you need at the moment, but it is worthwhile to search the site. As they used to say on the usenet: "AASHTA. As always, Sheldon has the answer."


anna said...

Hi Maff, you forgot something. There might be super heroes in Austria in future because they finally decided to again offer the apprenticeship as bicycle mechanic after so many years with only dinosaurs and career changers (e.g. previous motorbike mechanics) left in this business. Hurrah for that! There will be real bicycle mechanics in Austria in the future!

Anna said...

I forgot to watch the video when maff wrote the post! And it is really funny!!! :D

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