Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Windy Wien

Finally, the sun is here. Hurrah! Well, it's also quite windy and that's both a blessing and a curse. They good thing about it is that the air in Vienna isn't all that bad, cause the wind blows away most of the air pollution. Tailwinds are welcome anytime of course. And a light breeze is always refreshing in the summer.

The bad thing is the hard work against the wind, especially uphill. Sometimes it's very difficult to balance the bike. Flying objects (e.g. paper, leaves, trash, small branches, dust) have to be avoided. And it's much colder -- at the moment we have about 5°C, but the windchill factor is still below 0°C. Anybody else struggeling with head and side wind?

Anyhow. Although rain and snow is forecast for this week, I still believe in spring. The blue Oma bike with the daffodil has told me so :-).


Anna said...

As I am from a windy land, I love wind. However, one thing for sure, I wouldn't venture a cycle when "tramuntana" is blowing there...maybe I would in the soft wind of Barcelona, though.

5ºC...is that really spring? ;). Here is very sunny, and it's about 15-18ºC (no winter jackets anymore...). But as you believe in spring, I don't trust it...we'll have some rain and some more cold for sure...

Lynn said...

Yesterday, the wind came to town and blew away the nice spring weather we enjoyed over the weekend. Boo! In Philadelphia, the temperature this morning is 27F/-3C, more like winter! I'm trying to wear bright colors to keep spring in sight, at least. Or I could just put a daffodil on my bike!

spiderlegreen said...

We had strong winds and rain, yesterday. I'm glad I was on my heavy Schwinn(Harvey) because the gusts don't move him much. But it does make it harder to duck down and keep some aerodynamics. In spring, we really have to watch out for the blowing up of sand and gravel leftover from winter. Glasses or squinting eye's are recommended.

maff said...

I was struggling with gusty winds (almost fell off my bike while I was trying to track-stand at a stop light *g*) as well as with heavy rain and glaring sunshine within a few minutes this morning - typical spring weather.

Dottie said...

Yes, I am dealing with wind, too! It's always windy here, but the spring storms brings it to a whole 'nother level. Huff, puff, goes the oma.

ph-base said...

well I also believe that spring is coming! the only question is when?
but everybody knows that stupid saying, 'there is no bad weather, only bad clothing"
well as long as it's fashionable it's fine! I personally don't like these bike guys who run around like they've just hit the 2000m line on the groß glockner ;-)


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