Monday, March 2, 2009

Funky shoes

First I want to state that I'm not a shoe person. I don't have many shoes and I also don't want many. There are, however, certain times when even I need to buy new shoes. This time it was simply because I needed some shoes that go with my new black&white skirt.

It all started on Saturday afternoon when I rode to Mariahilfer Straße. This is the shopping street in Vienna (unless you have more money and go to Kärntner Straße). Well, it was Saturday and there were thousands and thousands of pedestrians, and also many many cars. With the bike I was faster than both, but I could have been much faster if the street was car-free. Many well-known traffic planers think it should be car-free. And I think that too, especially on a Saturday.

Nevertheless, I went there on a Saturday although I hate crowds. And I saw some nice and also cheap gray ankle boots. But of course they didn't have them in my size :-(.

So I decided to ride to another branch today. At Alser Straße they also didn't have them :-(. Well, but since there are many Humanic shops in Vienna, I finally also rode to the Millenium city (a shopping center at the Danube). Aargh! They also didn't have them there. That's when I gave up and thought I should maybe look out for similar shoes. I didn't find similar ones, but others that I quite liked. Of course they didn't have them in my size either. It's strange because I don't have particularly small or big feet and generally it isn't a problem to find shoes that fit me. Luckily the lady at the counter could tell me where I can find these shoes elsewhere in Vienna, which was pretty much everywhere I had been before.

But since I was so close to my goal now, I skipped lunch and rode to the Mariahilfer Straße again. That's where I got them and also similar shoes to the first gray pair (but in a horrible brown color - the "Funky Shoes"). Well, I decided to buy them both since I'm really fed up with shoe shopping now. And I don't wanna go through all that again soon..

Why is this so interesting for my bike blog? Well, maybe it isn't. But since I rode my bicycle through the city three or more times for these shoes, I think it's ok to post it. It must have been something like 30km. And the weather wasn't particularly nice either - it was gray, cold and very humid (but not raining). Throughout that journey I took a few pictures of cyclists in Vienna. Nothing special, but I'll just post some here.

By the way, never forget rule number 7 of the Cycle Chic Manifesto:

I will endeavor to ensure that the total value of my clothes always exceeds that of my bicycle.

I surely endeavored a lot today :-).


Anonymous said...

But where are the pictures of the shoes?!? I'm not a huge shoe person, either, but finding the right ones is something to celebrate.


anna said...

Yeah, you're right. I should have added them straight away.. Here they are!

Anna said...

Now I even hate shoe shopping more than I did before ¬¬. Especially on Saturdays. I prefer a coffee with a friend in Figueres or a cultural visit with Xavi somewhere in BCN. But definetely not shoe shopping :D.

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