Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's not talk about spring yet.

When I looked out the window this morning it was snowing. The good thing about it? It will be easy to find a place to park my bike ;-).

View from my window


Anna said...

How different climate is! Here is a nice sunny spring day that makes you cycle all the way after work! And that's what I'll do! ;)

Spring seems to have come early this year, after a cold harsh winter (for the standards to which we are used here). But I'm quite suspicious...

"Anna from BCN"

anna said...

Well, actually the weather is much crazier here. For example, there was in fact a lot of sunshine today with no clouds at all. But then again, 5min later it started snowing for 2min, and after that sunshine again. Really mad. But even when there is sunshine, it's still quite cold (the maximum is below 5°C). I really hope that spring will arrive soon here too.

Carolyn said...

Winter still here too in Northern Canada (near Edmonton). It was snowing this morning too...a few good centimetres too. But, I still biked/walked to work. Good to see that it's not just snowing here! LOL!!

Dottie said...

Aw, poor thing! Hopefully soon for you.

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