Friday, March 6, 2009

It looks like rain.

Well, it doesn't just look like rain. It actually rains a lot recently. I don't mind rain. My commute isn't that long, so for slight rain I don't even need waterproof clothes. If rain is forecast tough, I take waterproof rain pants with me, just in case. They are quite light and small and easily fit in my bag. People don't cycle with umbrellas here and I think its neither practical nor safe. But in Copenhagen they seem to do it a lot.

By now there is no difference for me whether I cycle in sunshine or rain. I guess that's because I'm prepared for both conditions and can cope with them without even thinking about it anymore. I'm already at a stage where I can't understand why somebody wouldn't want to cycle just because it's raining. Actually I love cycling in the rain! Best explained by that poem that I stole of the citycycling magazine:

Soaked through
Wind whipping
Sky tipping


As the rain falls
And I ignore those plaintive
Warming calls
To accept a lift
I realise
Then eulogise
To anyone within earshot
About the joy of cycling
In the wet

Curious looks
And disbelief
I think of those people on New Year's day
Looney dooks
Rushing into the freezing sea
With looks of glee
Covering insanity
Then I see me

The mirror reveals a sodden lump
I'm drenched to the skin
Happy to be in
But just as happy that I was out
Of that there's no doubt
And I look at me


And there are the comics that goes with it - the one and only Yehuda Moon by Rick Smith:

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Anonymous said...

Love the poem! I was out cycling in the rain this morning to the drug store and bakery. Nothing a rain coat and mild sense of adventure can't handle.

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