Friday, February 6, 2009

Cycling the world wide web

There are many things on my mind, I want to talk about. But because today was supposed to be the day of the appearance of the 44th issue of the citycycling magazine, I wanted to devote this post to all the cyclists in the UK. Unfortunately, they lost track of time there, so the magazine won't appear today but on Sunday :-(. Good for you maybe, if you didn't know it before - now you gained some time to catch up on the back issues 1 to 43 :-). If that's too much for you at once but you still want to find out about the things they talk about, you should check out the article archive.
Meanwhile I will impatiently wait for Sunday. The citycycling magazine really is that good! They have so many topics, even bicycle poems. I've listed some of my favourite articles here:
While talking about bicycle culture in the UK, you should definitely do a few awareness tests. I think they are a great idea to make people watch out for cyclists.

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