Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Biceberg - a cool underground bicycle parking system

I've found the link to a superb website through one of my favorite blogs,, there. It describes an easy to use, safe and automatic bicycle parking system. And the best - it is in Europe, more precisely in Spain. Congratulations to you there! See the Biceberg website for more information. As far as I could see it is meant for short-term parking, less than 24 hours. Unfortunately I couldn't find out how much it costs. If one of you has more information on that please post it here.
Btw, I quite like the name of the thing cause it contains 'bicycle' and 'iceberg'. And like at a real iceberg you can also only see the little top and most of it is under the ground (resp. under water). Maybe you want to see a promotion video (in Spanish) to understand how it works.

In Austria we don't have something like that yet, but I have hope now. The most modern thing in Vienna so far is a bicycle garage in Margarethen for only 20 bicycles, but that is meant for long-term parking. It costs 13€ per month which I think is quite cheap. There are a few extra costs in the beginning like deposit for the key and such. I didn't have a look myself cause it's far away from my flat, but if you're interested you can find more information there (in German).


Anna said...

I saw the promotional video and now I understand how it works :D. Wow! I want to see one of those! In the web page they say some cities in Spain where they have put Biceberg (and one is 1h 15 min train from BCN). I think the system will help spreading cycling culture in Spain ;). Thanks for the info.

anna said...

Yeah, it's really cool isn't it? I'd love to see it working too, maybe one day we can do an excursion together ;-). I really hope this works and helps people to do more trips on bicycles if they know that they can leave the bike at a safe place. I wish I would have something like that at a train station or so.

Anonymous said...

Wow... seems to be a great idea.

issa said...

In Spain, two automated bike parking companies are populating towns with their intelligent systems. With membership and a microchip card, users can underground spots with Biceberg (within 20 seconds for storage and retrieval) or one of 24 spots in any given Bigloo pod (in less than 4 seconds).

Web page automated bicycle parking , and

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