Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are you a bike punk?

What actually is a bike punk?
A punk that bikes? Is that all? Is it about anarchy on the road? I don't think so. Is it a guy/girl that rides a fixie with spoke cards and that plays bike polo on the weekends? Far too stereotypical (e.g. mountain and road bikes are also commonly used), but getting close I suppose..

"hard court bike polo" by "kitty meets goat"

Do you have to (re)build your bike yourself to be part of the crowd? I guess that helps as it's also about creativity and spending little money. Are only bike couriers allowed? And what about clothing? Punk-like clothing I'd say.
But is that all? Or is it not that at all?

How to be a bike punk?
Yes, there is even a funny How-to on the internet! So let's see what I fulfill:
  • buy a bike and value it almost as much as your own life: done
  • get committed: done, no car
  • bicycle safety: learned, so fine
  • bicycle as the primary form of transportation: what else?
  • cycle in rain and sunshine: easy-peasy
  • attend critical mass (see what that is here): if possible
  • unique clothing: well, kind of, but probably still too mainstream
  • ...
Hm, I don't own a fixie though, and I yet don't have any cards in my spokes (but a sticker on my top tube that says "one less car" -- does that count?). I also never played bike polo. Therefore I wouldn't consider myself as bike punk. But all of that is not mentioned in the how-to anyway. So maybe I am a bike punk sensu lato ;-). What about you?

Well, honestly, who really gives a shit? Whatever you are, cycle on!

I found that cool redo of the Clash cover on the Three Basics blog


Betty said...

right on with the bike polo!

Filigree said...

I am so not a bike punk. Not yet...

Dottie said...

That's funny. I fit all the criteria, too, but I'm definitely not a bike punk. Bike punks are a distinct tribe in Chicago, often found on fixed gears with tight jeans and no helmets. Oh, I'm also way too old, at 27, to be a proper bike punk.

Anonymous said...

Bike Punk???
Sounds like just another pigeon hole!
Or maybe a fashion label
Anarchy is a political/philosophical view point.
I guess I'm a punk that rides a bike not a bike punk:)

oyoy said...

That clash cover is actually from the pre-event for the 2007 Cycle Messenger World Championships

Nothing to do with 3 basics

Anonymous said...

This year again there will be DIY Bikefest in Scheveningen (The Netherlands)

Don't be fooled by the date in the website, it is for this year:)

Jesse said...

I'm a punk who is also a cyclist but not in the "fixie rider" context; I do a lot of road riding (trying to get sponsored onto a professional team)

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Henry Thomas said...

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