Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear flatteneres

I know you guys are quite busy, but may I ask for your attention for a minute. I guess you don't know me, therefore I will let my bike talk. Today, after work, I was at the Cineplexx Reichsbrücke to watch “Slumdog Millionaire” with a friend. As there were no bike racks where I could safely lock my bike to (although there is free parking available for costumers that drive a car), I used the railing instead. This seems to be a common spot as there were also other bikes. And maybe you go there more often to check out on the bikes.

So when the movie was over and we returned to my bike, I found it with a flat tire. Well, you know, I still have my spare inner tube that impatiently waits to be used. But I had to disappoint it again. Apparently my front tire – as you know – didn't have a puncture, because you just removed my cap and let my air out. Although I'm grateful that I only had to inflate it again (that didn't even take a minute), my spare inner tube is rather frustrated now. I don't really want the treatment that one of my friends recently got (both of his tires were gashed and beyond repair), but I wouldn't mind if you eliminate the inner tube of my front wheel forever.

For that purpose I will use my bike as I always did – as a simple means of transport in the urban environment –, and also park it outside. May you enjoy to demolish other peoples' belongings and hopefully vent your anger by deflating their bikes.

Yours faithfully,

PS: I still had fun on my ride back home ;-P.


Dottie said...

Boo for assholes - sounds like somebody needs to get a life. Glad you still enjoyed your ride :)

Le Homme au Velo said...

Hi Anna. You were lucky where I come from there is the Odd mean Nasty Person who not just Cuts your Tyre up they also Bend the Wheels just for Fun.

Especially in those Lonely Areas around Railway Stations in Outlying Areas and in the Middle of the City at Night.

Xavi said...

Hi Anna. Irony is always the best medicine who those who look more worried about annoying the others than living their own lives peacefully.

Now I don't know if it is better that I wish you this does not happen again, or whether it would be better to wish your new tube a quick "birth". Up to you to decide.

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