Saturday, June 19, 2010

A not so naked bike ride in Vienna

Yesterday, the time has come again. The time of the "bare as you dare" bike ride in Vienna. If you'd like to know the story behind it, you may read my comments and look at some pictures from last year. This year I went there on short notice straight after work. It was rather cold and the weather forecast not too promising. I did not bother to take a bikini with me because it was way too cold for me. Very few people, however, did. Brave. I hope they didn't catch a cold.

Cyclists at Schwarzenbergplatz

The first thing I noticed at the Schwarzenbergplatz (the meeting point) was the bicycle police. So they really do exist. What a pleasant surprise! I had speculated about their existence earlier, if you remember (see the post "Bicyclist robbed bank").

Secondly, I wanted to use the remaining time before the start to decorate Paula and search for some friends. For that I had brought two pendants from China for my bar ends.

Paula's decoration for the Naked Bike Ride

There are always a lot of different people and bicycles to see at the Critical Mass rides in Vienna. I think bicycles can reflect the personality of the owner (just like cars do, too). One can see various personalized tall bikes, swing bikes, tandems, cargo bikes, tandems, cruisers, low riders, fixies, road bikes, old and new city bikes. It's always a pleasure to look at so many beautiful bicycles at once. This time I got stuck at a punch of cruisers that drew my attention. But it was not one-sided love. Their owners also liked Paula, so I started out the ride among the cruiser gang. They also have a facebook group called PedalMachine, in case you have a cruiser/low rider/chopper yourself and are interested to join their activities :).

The cruiser gang

During the ride, I also bumped into some old friends and could add some pictures to my "animals on bikes" collection (a penguin and a lion). And it rained -- heavily. I had some protection with me, but was too slow to put it on. Luckily it didn't rain long, but got significantly colder. Still, a very nice ride. It was a lot of fun :).

Me and Paula enjoying ourselves
By decorating my bike I have completed another one of the tasks for the LGRAB Summer Games. Join, you still can!


Sonja said...

I wanna go on naked bike ride! I would wear just small jeans shorts and a little something on the boobies :). There was a ride in NYC the same morning. Was this perhaps a World Naked Bike Ride event? It was organized in many cities.

anna said...

It was one of those events, but it's always later in Vienna. And the weather was horrible. Just way too cold for a naked bike ride.

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