Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A perfect match for the tiger bike!

A while ago Anna spotted a tiger bike in Vienna. She claimed that it's "the one and only" which is true, but there's another self-made "one and only" in my city! She's often sighted in the city center locked in street lights, trash cans or bike racks. So far I haven't been lucky enough to sight the owner of the bike, but one day I may stay hidden stalking the bike until I spot her ;)

I have difficulties determining the species of this one. It could be a hybrid of feline species such as tiger and leopard. If you have a theory, please let us know! So here it is: let me present the Safari Bike!


anna said...

Great! At the end, we'll have a huge collection of such bikes. We can also include the zebra bike I have spotted a long time back :).

Actually the bike you've seen looks a little bit like a snake to me :).

Sonja said...

Go Africa!

Ryan A. said...

Safari sounds good to me! And in Turku to, how awesome.


Dottie said...

Ha! That does look very similar to the tiger bike.

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