Friday, June 19, 2009

Just some pictures ...

... from the so-called World Naked Bike Ride in Vienna. Well, the police asked people to put their clothes back on right from the start and several times afterwards. Many people weren't naked or even dressed lightly. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great -- pretty cold, cloudy and later on even raining (and it still is). Anyhow, here are some pictures for you to get a taste of the atmosphere ;-). By the way, there were about 600 people joining the ride.

Filigree, who I briefly met at the Schwarzenbergplatz, has pictures of some truly Lovely Bicycles and cyclists on her blog too (and also here). There are also plenty on the Critical Mass Austria website.

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Velouria said...

I was surprised to see the police telling people to cover themselves. I see public nudity in Vienna all the time -- women sunbathing topless on park benches and men lying on the grass with their naked behinds visible to those who walk by, and everyone acts as if this is normal -- FKK and all that. So what objection did they have to the naked bike ride?..

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