Friday, June 25, 2010

Bikes in commercial use

One rainy day a couple of weeks back I decided to overcome my shyness and went to the city center pretending to be a tourist. With my tiny pink Asian camera, I took photos of interesting bikes. Here's a few pics taken that day that are concerning commercial use of bikes.

You have to get an official permission for
outdoor advertising, and pay quite a lot of
money. Some creative small entrepreneurs
have figured out that it is allowed to lock
bikes almost everywhere...

A sweet retro bike advertising clothes
on a major store window

Selling bikes on the hallways of an
urban mall, just outside the sports

A café on wheels. I have seen also tricycle
ice cream shops in Turku.

A postman's bike. (Does this count as commercial?
(Itella, the local mail service is partially controlled by the state.)

How are bikes used commercially in your city?


anna said...

Nice tour! I love the ice-cream shop on wheels! I have a picture of one of those in Zurich here.

In Vienna, one can also sometimes see bicycles in shop windows. Not so much the "advertising on parked bicycles" though. But that seems to be pretty common in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Here in Graz/Austria a new company opened a few weeks ago. They make healthy snacks for parties, conferences etc., and they bring their food to you exclusively by cargo bike! That's great, since it is something completely new here in this town - I hope many other shops/companies will follow this idea.

Marco te Brömmelstroet said...

as mobile bike workshop:

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