Monday, June 15, 2009

Nude cycling for a better world

It's this time of the year again. It's time for the Naked Bike Ride in Vienna:
time: Friday, 19th of June 2009, 5pm
place: Schwarzenbergplatz at the fountain (Hochstrahlbrunnen)
for more information visit the website of Critical Mass Austria
Be there or be square! It only takes place in Austria once a year and it's neither necessary to be naked nor to own a bike. The motto is "Bare as you dare", everybody is welcome. Just make sure you get hold of a Citybike and bring your swimming gear (end point is the Danube).

The Naked Bike Rides are a worldwide event, so you probably also have the opportunity to take part in such a ride close to your place if not in Vienna. Read more on World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) or watch this short movie (a longer version is available on the homepage).

Well, maybe you're a little skeptical about the whole thing. When I got my first flyer I thought "Well, good intention, but I'm not going to cycle through town naked with a bunch of lunatics". The good intentions for me were the fact that people will pay attention to cyclists, at least once a year. Being naked should also symbolize that cyclists are very vulnerable road users. I guess one could compare it to Naked Fur Protests, except that cycling is more fun.

It was only later that I found out about Critical Mass altogether and became a more or less regular rider. In June it was just natural to take part in the Naked Bike Ride. Well, I wasn't completely naked last year. I wore a bikini and gave away flyers somebody had printed. For this week's ride I thought about some bodypainting and maybe cycling topless, but haven't decided yet. Depends on the weather and my mood ;-).

Pictures from the World Naked Bike Ride in Vienna, June 2008


l' homme au velo said...

Great Idea if you have the Nerve and a good Looking Body. Bring plenty of Assos Chamois Cream ,very Hard on the Undercarraige Skin on Saddle.

I dont think they are Holding A Naked Bike Ride over here in Dublin, but you never know. I have just been watching the Pictures of the Brighton Naked Ride on the London Evening Standard Web Site. Good Luck and have Fun.

Lovely Bicycle! said...

I am too repressed and neurotic to ride around naked, but I will try to go and take some journalistic photos!

spiderleggreen said...

It reminds me funny experience I and old girlfriend had at a salt bathhouse in Bad Ischl. We didn't know it was nude unisex and we walked in wearing shorts. We quickly slipped back into the lockeroom. She was bashful, but I said "I'm not walking around a bunch of nude people, with shorts on". That would be more embarrassing. We ended up have a wonderful "naked" time.

Have fun!

Velouria said...

Anna, I am glad I stopped by at this event! You can find photos of yourself here : ) Those socks looked awesome!

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