Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living trendy

I do all my grocery shopping on foot, because it's easier after work and very close to home. Thus I almost thought that I would not be able to complete the "Carry a load on your bike -- groceries, etc." task of the LGRAB Summer Games.

Well, it so happened that I had to go shopping for other purposes. I'm rather lazy when it comes to housework, and although our new couch is pretty nice it gets dusty quite easily. What to do?

For a while know I was tinkering with the idea of buying a fancy throw-over. Today I finally grabbed my "new look" bike bag and Paula and headed off to the 20th district with a mission.

Couch with "new look" Lilly

The ride there was really pleasant. Paula is so fast and easy in flatland areas, and the upright position feels just awesome. Although the Friedensbrücke (bridge across the Danube channel) is currently under construction and for motorists only drivable towards the center, cyclists find segregated bike paths in both ways :).

Temporary bike path on Friedensbrücke

Upon arrival at the shop, I parked Paula on the sidewalk. Generally, this is always allowed when the sidewalk is wider than 2.5m (see StVO § 68 (4)) but one should of course try to find parking nearby. It's safer for everyone, including the bike.

Ok, I knew this would happen. I did not just leave the shop with an enormous throw-over, but also two cushions, two covers, a big stainless steel bowl and a huge lemongrass scented candle. The lady at the counter looked a bit worried about how to put and carry all of that in plastic bags, but I just said "It's alright, I'm here with my bike!". At the end I dealt with one bag that contained the cushions and covers and my bike bag with the rest. Such an easily detachable bag is really useful when it comes down to taking it into shops (as compared to baskets). My expanders did the rest.

Paula with the heavy load on the left and the "soft" load on the right

The ride back was easy-peasy too. I really did not feel the extra weight at all -- only when I carried Paula downstairs in the house. Bike parking in my new home has become somewhat easier as there is plenty of space available. On the other hand, the stairs and doors I have to vanquish every single time are a bit tricky and exhausting, too.

Anyhow, this is what I bought ...

My purchase

... and this is what I got.

Couch in new look

And when will you set off for your next shopping trip by bike?


l' homme au velo said...

Fortunately I have the big Dutch Bike for doing the Groceries which I take with me to the local Supermarket about 3 KM away. I have two Ortlieb Panniers for the Rear Carrier and I also have a Detachable Carrier for the Front. So I can take a huge Volume of Stuff Home if I want to. I can also put a Bag of Cement or Topsoil on it and carry that Home if I want to. It is not a refined Bike like Paula but a Mule of a Bike,big and Black the Classic Bomb Proof Dutch Bike.

I also have a Trek which I use for Long Distance and going into Town when I do not need the carrying Capacity of Dutchy. I have a Brompton which is Handy for Trains,I can Fold it up.

MandG said...

Love the bag and the decor! Redecorating feels great!

ibikelondon said...

Fantastic! So great to see cyclists being provided for properly on the bridges, they are a real pinch point for cyclists in cities and see a lot of traffic. We're trying to improve the bike provision on the bridges across London at the moment, but it's slow....

Great to see someone else with a New Look bag! I have the Postino and use it every day as my office / commuter bag. I can carry so much stuff in it and it seems to be holding up really well. I hope yours gives you many years of enjoyment (and more shopping!)

Kynthia said...

Your bag is really cute! I don't have one yet on my bike, because I've been drooling over Brooks roll up paniers for quite a while and I decided to try making something similar... but that takes time!

Happy decorating!

Sonja said...

Cool colors! I've been to Ikea a couple of times by bike. The other time I call a friend... Once an ex of my friend went dumpster diving, foud a couch for 3, and facilitated by his very Finnish stubborness, he carrid the whole thing for several kilometers on his bike's rack...

anna said...

@ Mark: Bridges are indeed a key point to make cycling easier. I remember they had huge problems with that in Budapest. In Vienna that's one of the things they do very well for cyclists :).

@ Sonja: A whole couch! I'm amazed!

Velouria said...

Your couch and coffee table look nice!

I agree that bridges are done well in Vienna for cyclists. The rurn after the bridge to get onto the river trail is usually not to sharp, and the bridges themselves are not too steep. In Boston, on a hot day I nearly die by the time I pedal to the top of a bridge over the Charles River.

Yesterday I had an appointment near Nussdorf and another in the 9th district and another in the 2nd - and I was so happy to discover that all 3 places (which to me have always seemed like such different parts of town) were accessible along the Donaukanalradweg. It is so nice cycling there! Alserbachstraße in the 9th district, which I had to take to my destination, was not as nice : ) But I survived.

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