Saturday, February 27, 2010

My first bike ride with Paula

Those of you who followed my blog already now that I ordered a pigeon blue Retrovelo Paula in December which just arrived a view weeks back. Due to lack of parking facilities in my house, it was parked in my boyfriend's apartment while it was still snowy and icy out there (in such situations I rather stick to my old mountain bike of which I know how it behaves) or I was out of town. Finally, yesterday, I took Paula for a ride around town. Here are some impressions of her first glance at Vienna (more are on my flickr album):

Paula in the corridor

Paula being carried three floors downstairs by me

Paula on the Gürtel bike path

Paula in the office (showing off :))

Paula near Augarten (happily moving in the rain)

Paula on the Ring bike path

Paula looking for companions

Paula on Mariahilfer Straße (shopping street that should be a pedestrian zone)


Velouria said...

Cool, you're finally riding it! I cannot believe the image of you carrying the bike 3 stories down the spiral staircase!!!

So where will you keep it from now on? I will be glad to keep it in my flat for you... : )

anna said...

Yeah, she's just so easy to ride, although I have to get used to the gears first.
Currently I keep her in my boyfriend's house in the garbage room. I have seen that other bikes are also parked there, and I hope that it's obvious that a brandnew bicycle with an expensive U-lock is not ment for recycling :).

Dottie said...

Great, fun collection of pictures! The blue color frame with the cream balloon tires is so yummmmy.

spiderleggreen said...

Excellent! Isn't the more upright position nice? Also, I like the pic with the blurred path. Have fun!

Sonja said...

Such a sweet bike! I love the fat cream tires :D

RidingPretty said...

What a beautiful bicycle, you must be so HAPPY!

2whls3spds said...

Down 3 flights beats going UP 3 flights of stairs! But then again I suppose you had to carry it up those first? No lifts/elevators?

Gorgeous bike, Enjoy the Ride.


Carinthia said...

Beautiful, beautiful bike! I hope you have many happy kilometres on her!

anna said...

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. I'll pass them on to my lovely new steed :).

@ 2whls3spds: No elevator in that house, and usually they would be too small for Paula anyhow :(.

Lady Vélo said...

Beautiful bike - that blue is gorgeous!

c_c_rider said...

a very elegant machine, and what a nice shade of blue!

shnarch said...

Gorgeous bike! I am very close to getting a Paula as well but wanted to ask what your thoughts are after two years? Is the bike holding up? Rust/ paint/ brakes/ problems?

Also do you like the Shimano Nexus 7 gears? I am trying to decide between 7 and 8!

Thank you !!!

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