Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow! Bike blossom time!

It's really amazing. On the weekend the temperatures went up, the sun returned after a few months of just gray sky -- and suddenly there are many many more cyclists to be seen on the roads. Spring time kicks in, yeah!

Today I even decided to cycle without a cap and without gloves. The wind in my hair just felt so lovely. Oh, how I missed that! On the other hand, my hands got really cold. On the way back from uni I wore some thin gloves again...

Truly amazing to see the bike paths in the rush hour. It's bike blossom time! Yeah, baby :).

And you're really cool if you find a chewing gum that matches your bike ride.


Velouria said...

I noticed the cyclists too! And it really did suddenly get so nice in Vienna over the past week. My shoulderblade and ribs are almost healed and soon I will be back in velo-action too!

l' homme au velo said...

It looks like we are the same as you in Austria it has gotten a bit warmer but still fairly Cold between 4 and 8 Celsius it varies each Day. The Snowdrops are out for a few Weeks now and the Daffodils are trying their Best to Bloom with the Heads starting to go a bit Yellow. More People are out Cycling each Day as it gets a bit Warmer and the Sun is Shining through the Treetops. I have a light Pair and a Waterproof Thick Pair of Cycling Gloves. I tried the light pair as it is more Sensitive for the Controls but I had to use the Thick pair as it was still to Cold, Dublin.

Dottie said...

Cool picture :)

Cycling without gloves is a huge step! Must have felt great. I don't think I'll get there until late May.

Anonymous said...

Nice! ... Relaxing !!!... both traffic & cyclist.

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