Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pedaling around Europe (in Japanese)

In the recent winter issue of the "europe" magazine, there was a short summary about bicycle culture and lifestyle in Europe, along with some links to interesting blogs dealing with the subject. Among others, we were mentioned too!

Cycling in Japan's "europe" magazine

The "europe" magazine is the official publication of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan and is published by its Press, Public and Cultural Affairs Section. The principal purpose of "europe" is to give information on all aspects of the European Union, in Japanese, to those interested in the European Union and EU-Japan relations. The magazine is published quarterly and is circulated widely among political, academic, media and business circles. If you're interested, you can read more on their website: Delegation of the European Union to Japan (home, in English) and EUROPE magazine.

Well, all the text is obviously in Japanese. The description of our blog should say something like:

The blog "Cycling is Good for You" is focused on expressing different views on cycling in everyday life across Europe. Young contributers from nordic Finland, continental Austria and sunny Spain post stories according to their cultural background and give diverse insights into biking related issues. Some of them have a professional background in traffic planning and provide technical insight while others relay careful observations from their streets. Thus a variety of personal stories and scientific issues are covered in an easily accessible manner. This provides a somewhat comprehensive insight in cycling culture and lifestyle in Europe. In keeping with the theme of the blog they make a point why and indeed how a bicycle is an ideal mode of transport, despite of or especially in today's bustling world.
We hope you agree :). Besides, "Cycling is Good for You" is more than one year old now. Thanks to my co-bloggers and to all of you for contributing and sharing your opinions. It's good to know different aspects to understand how bicycle culture is seen worldwide.

We also want to know what you like, don't like and if you have any special interests or wishes for the future. We don't make any promises, but we will certainly try to make you happy :).


Anonymous said...

I'll show my wife this and see what she thinks of it. Thanks for the link...

l' homme au velo said...

It is a World wide Community of Cyclists,who even though we have different Cultures and Languages we basically have the same problems with bad Infrastructure Rules and Regulations. we are always interested in what they have in each others Countries so we can compare on what is best practice internationally and are always demanding the same better Facilities from our City and Provincial Councils. We get angry if Cyclists are just ignored in favour of the Motoring Groups and we wonder why The EU Parlement in Bruxelles do not force our Governments to provide better facilities for us. I am sure Japanese Cyclists are thinking the same things as we are and perhaps casting envious Eyes at the marvellous Facilities they have in the Netherlands which seems to be the most Friendliest Cycling Country in the World.

Sonja said...

That is so cool! :DDD It is strange to think that someone in Japan may be reading our posts and, if we are lucky, appreciate them. It is anna's persistence and efforts that we have to thank for this!

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