Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter bike photos

Here's a few frosty shots for you, I hope you enjoy!


anna said...

Brrr, these look really cold. Most people in Vienna already complain about the cold weather we have these days (in the night it goes down to -27°C in some places, but Vienna only down to -15°C or so).

But so much white snow! Lovely.

Anna said...

And here in Barcelona we complain in having +3ºC during the night!!!

Nice pictures :D

Sonja said...

WoW! Vienna sounds really cold! Here the temperature doesn't really change between day and night. It changes as fronts come and go. Now it's minus 17, almost too cold to ride a bike, but not quite :D. I suppose that if you don't have decent winter clothing, even +3 is too much. We are used to cold weather here, although lately winters have been much warmer than average and some have forgotten what a decent winter feels like.

Dottie said...

Cool photos, especially the ones where the spokes are totally covered with snow. Brrrr.

Sox said...

I love the spoke shots. That must have been a terribly humid day.

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