Thursday, January 7, 2010

In for some tropical weather?

Actually I wanted to write about the snow biking conditions in Vienna these days, but my camera just gave up now. You'll have to wait at least till tomorrow for some pictures, sorry :(.

On the other hand, I picked up my visa for India today. Seems like some contrast at first. But it reminded my of a bike story I had read a while back in an Austrian newspaper:

Uwe Walter and Christian Sattelkow planned to spend 10 months on their bikes, starting from Graz in Austria and with destination India. The cycled in boiling heat and rain, conquered deserts and mountains, dealt with breakdowns, communication difficulties, diseases and accidents. Along the way they explored countries they didn't know yet. Altogether they wanted to cycle about 15.000 km. And all they took with them were two bikes and 30 kg of luggage each. They set of in Graz on the 17th of May 2009.

Some of their impressions in Turkey:

Unfortunately, Christian got sick in Turkey and Uwe did not want to ride through Iran all by himself. Still, Uwe decided to fly to Delhi instead and explored some places in Nepal and India by bike. Sounds like some adventure, doesn't it? If you're interested to read more about their journey, then visit their blog on (sorry, only in German): "Mit dem Rad nach Indien".

Another cyclist on the Mahendranagar HighwayStreet in Bihar

Still, I won't go to India by bike. Nor anywhere else in the near future. My bike is mostly my local transport, but not my roving vehicle :). Got any (bicycle) traveling plans yourself?


ibikelondon said...

One word: epic! Makes me feel ashamed when I back out of my 5 mile commute to work 'cos it's too cold! Freinds of mine have just cycled through Vietnam, Thailand and China, then took their bikes on the train to Europe and through Europe (Italy, France, Spain) and to the UK and had an incredible life changing time. Sadly, after all those miles in the saddle their bikes were stolen here in London which makes me more ashamed of my home city than I can begin to explain. Still, inspiring stuff - I love stuff like this, it makes you want to go out and push yourself more. Thanks for sharing!

Sonja said...

What a lovely little tortoise <3! Too hot and dry for me, I prefer snowy forested scenery :). Some day I hope to take a bicycle trip in the Archipelago of Turku. But, I would have to rent a bike, my single-geared city princess can't do that sort of distances.

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