Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Special spring cycling moments

You may remember my enthusiastic post about meeting friends while cycling and that being able to have a little chat with another cyclist at a red light is a great advantage of not being trapped in a car. Well, it's not entirely true that conversations with people in cars cannot happen (and I don't mean the common "Get out of my way" shouts). But see for yourself:

These kids were really curious and sweet. They talked to the guy in front of me, happily waved at all the cyclists around, and giggled a lot. I quite like to be apprechiated like that :-).

Other nice moments: shorts. Interesting what one get's to see. For example this beauty:

By the way, I always liked the idea to have a tatoo on the right leg that looks like an oily sprocket mark... But then I can also just use my mountain bike carelessly, and I get such a (non-permanent) mark for free :-).


l' homme au velo said...

That Car looks like a Modern Version of that Classic Iconic French Students and Hippies Car the Citroen 2 CV of the 1960ties 70ties,there is still a few on the Road.

I sometimes End up with skars and Abrasions on my Legs not unlike that Tattoo on occasion,usually when I leave the House and the front Wheel gets caught in the Door and my Leg is forced against the Chain.

MandG said...

The route that I ride to work is a very busy bike route and most (although definitely not all) of the motorists are pretty bike friendly. I've had several drivers roll down their window at stop lights to let me know they'd hang back and let me go first, or ask me which way I'm going so they know to pay attention. It's pretty great.

Ryan A. said...

Wow, where do you live M & G? Where I bike I get antagonized by motorists.

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