Friday, March 12, 2010

Meeting bikey friends

Did you ever recognise a friend on bike while cycling from A to B? It happens to me about once a month that I accidentially meet a friend waiting at a red light. I really like these moments and little chats, it cheers me up and suddenly all the time waisted at these red traffic lights seems much shorter and more valuable :).

Yesterday at Alserbachstraße I bumped into Bea who is a co-blogger on She still has some problems with her cycling bag that she keeps losing (it's a click-in system for the rack). Nonetheless she's very stylish in this ugly wintery weather.

Bea on Alserbachstraße yesterday
(it's bloody freezing, snowy and windy again -- buuh!)

Already last week I met up with Velouria from "Lovely Bicycle!". She's again in Vienna but unfortunately had a non-bike-related accident that keeps her from hopping on a bike these days. Since we test rode a Retrovelo Paul and a Globe Haul in November, I couldn't wait to introduce her to Paula. Needless to say, she was very impressed and a little jealous. Later on we had a cheap coffee and a nice chat in the warm.

Velouria on Paula
more pictures in her article "Retrovelo Paula (Thou Shalt Not Covet!)"


MULE said...

As a cyclist in NYC, I regularly meet bikey friends along the way (at least once a week). I actually have many friends that I only know because we share a part of our commute with one another. It's definitely a highlight of my day - especially when I run into more than one bikey friend!

I met my boyfriend when we were riding our bikes to work and happened to pass one another (I passed him, he raced to catch up!).

Velouria said...

Anna, guess what - I now have a bike!! It's a vintage Waffenrad and is completely upright, so that I can ride it pain-free. Of course now you are off on your trip and we can't ride together, but next time!

Dottie said...

How fun! I rarely run into someone I know while out riding, and it's always a thrill.

cycler said...

I often run into my other biking co-workers in the last 1/2 mile of our commute. Makes sense since we're all going the same place with the goal or arriving at the same time!

anna said...

@ Velouria: Good news! I'm looking forward to next time!

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