Friday, March 5, 2010

Barcelona and bike therapy

Does city life stress you? Are you fed up of being unable to unwind? Do you think cycle would help doing so? Then you need to try bike therapy!

I read about bike therapy a few weeks ago and it immediately caught my attention. I never heard about it and, judging for the little amount of information I found, it is a new practise. Mainly, bike therapy consist in combining cycling and relaxation exercises to reduce stress and gain tranquillity. The bike stroll must indeed be in a place which would favour all this.

In Barcelona, the BACC (Bicicleta Club de Catalunya - Bike Club Catalonia) association organizes free bike therapy sessions on the sea front and on natural areas of the city. For the sessions, participants must bring their own bike or use a Bicing bike. I wanted to try it out one session which is to be held on Saturday 13, but all available places have been filled, so I am afraid I will not be able to tell you how it was. However, if you have experienced it do not be afraid to share! :)

Besides, these bike therapy sessions the BACC is committed to many other things related to cycle. For instance, they teach adult people to cycle in their "Biciescola d'adults" (Adult bike school) and organize other courses, they give advice or tell about recent news related to cycle. If you wish, you can visit their web site at (it is in Catalan, but you can use Google Translator, I think they have incorporated it. It will be not the best quality in the world, but it will help you grasp what is the BACC about).


anna said...

Wow, very interesting things are going on in BCN! I would like to learn more about it. Hope you one day manage to participate in such a course (or do your own interpretation of it :)).

Shantanu said...

Sounds very fine actually. Biking does tell us how wounderful and difficult it can be to be slow and steady, something we so often forget in the rush of urban routine.

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