Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tom Turbo -- the bicycle with the 111 tricks

Most kids in Austria know Tom Turbo very well. Tom Turbo is a kind of a bicycle, but not an ordinary one. He's a bicycle with a face, that can think, talk and drive around on it's own. But that's not the only thing he does. He observes, analyzes and solves crimes. He's a bicycle detective.

Tom Turbo is an invention by Thomas Brezina, one of Austrians most famous authors for children's books. There are dozens of adventures of the Knickerbocker gang that I have read when I was a kid. And most of these stories are actually known worldwide as his books have been translated into dozens of languages and even been picturized.

The wonder bicycle Tom Turbo is more interesting for younger kids. I remember that the books contain a lot of colorful pictures and gadgets. But it's not just the books. Since 1993 we even have a TV series starring Tom (Turbo) and Tom (Thomas Brezina) where they investigate different cases.

I think Tom Turbo is such a cool invention. It is obvious that a bicycle is the most suitable mode of transport for children as it brings them wherever they want to – independently of adults, and fast too. Or could you imagine kids to go through adventures while they have to be driven around by their parents?

Although I grew up with KITT in Knight Rider, I do prefer Tom Turbo ;-). Watch him in action if you like:

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