Monday, June 1, 2009

Dotted bicycles

Yes, I must admit it. I'm a bike spotter. I love looking at bikes. I scan my surrounding in view of cool parked and ridden bicycles. It's not about new and high-tech bikes though. That would be really boring, wouldn't it? No, I love to look at customized bikes. And glamorous accessories. Whoever accompanies me around town will occasionally hear an astonishing "Oh, look at that gorgeous [...] bike over there", "Wow, what a lovely basket/bell/saddlebag ..." and so on. I will try to take at least some pictures of such discoveries and post them with a "customized" label.

I already showed you a picture of a decoupage bicycle some time back. Today I present the red white-dotted Puch bicycle. I saw it once at the west train station and then again a few times in front of the math department. Another time I saw a girl riding a different, more modern, glaring red bike -- but again with white dots.

Dots are in, get some yourself!


l' homme au velo said...

Hi Anna, I am the same as you I go around Spotting Unusual looking Bikes,Old Bikes and Quirky Bikes that People have Customized.As It so happens I was around the City of Dublin through the Weekend our Bank Holiday Weekend looking at Markets and also the Annual Maritime Festival in Dublins Docks. They always have some Tall Ships that come over for it. The Dutch always gives the Best Show with the most Ships and also the best Stalls seling Cheese and also Dutch Souvenirs Like Windmills Clogs ETC.

There was a Prodigeous amount of Bicycles of all Shapes and sizes Old Style English 1950ties a few Dutch Types and also Modern Type. One Bike I noticed had this Spotted Motif you are talking about. It was a Mountain Bike that a 50ties Plus Man had,it was a well used Bike but in good Condition. It was in Charcoal Grey with a kind of Blotched Spots,like someone just Dobbed a Paint Brush on it. The Dots were around 25 Milimetres in Diameter in White about 1 an Inch in Size. It looked great a sort of used look. But seemed Professionally Painted no Lumps.

Dottie said...

I would love to have a dottie bike :) My bikes are too precious to decoupage, though :)

Velouria said...

Wow, never seen a dotted bike. I need to get over to the math department and the Westbahnhof!

The weirdest painted bikes I've seen in Vienna so far, were a yellow bike with little men all over it, and a rainbow "peace/love" bike.

anna said...

@ le homme au velo: You really create some pictures in my head, lovely ;-).

@ Dottie: Great, a Dottie bike!

@ Filigree: Well, I haven't seen the bikes you mentioned, but sounds cool. What I also like are golden bikes, but they are quite rare too.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Great finds! Dotted bikes are killer

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