Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A mind game for the curious cycle enthusiast

Sometimes bikes leave me wondering who they belong to. Like this one:

A rather uncommon Dutch-style bike in Vienna

For months I walked past it every day on my lunch break. And finally, after a long time of curiousness I saw this guy riding it:

He was on his way to work, his briefcase was sitting on the front rack.

Ever had a similar experience? I find it really fun to look at bikes and imagine what kind of people are riding them :).

If you are, on the other hand, interested in a computer game for cyclists, check out Bicicla't.


spiderleggreen said...

I would have guessed a strong, handsome, big hearted guy. He's got the double top bar, too, so he must be pretty self-sufficient. Or not so car-dependent.

I see the tower in the background, but forget it's name. It's not something like a garbage burner or something, is it? Wasn't it designed by that crazy architect? I forget his name, too. I see a nice picture there.

Courtnee said...

I wish I could've gotten a better look at his outfit because I guessed that he was bit of a dandy. His bike has such a big, luxurious bell and a large light with chic, silver casing and a front rack that he probably bought separately as well (that also happens to match his bike). I like a man that can coordinate his bike accessories, but I don't think his bike lock looks formidable enough. I wonder if he bought the lock for its style or if he just ran out of money after buying the other things (or maybe some nice things for himself).

anna said...

@ spiderleggreen: Yeah, that's the waste incineration plant designed by Hundertwasser at U4/U6 Spittelau. Quite nice to have something like that in the middle of the town.

@ bronze bombshell: Interesting observations, I also noticed the huge silver bell (very cool). Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer and didn't see him from them front, but the more mysterious the better :).

Velouria said...

So far, the only cyclist whom I've met after wondering "Whose bike is that?" was my neighbor. She has a cheerful turquois 3-speed with 2 bells and handlebar streamers, and it was one of the first bikes that drew my attention when I became interested in bicycles. I have seen plenty of beautiful bicycles since, but have never met their owners.

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