Monday, April 6, 2009

Weird bikes at the bike festival

On Saturday I rode to the 10th bike festival with a friend. It was a lovely sunny and warm day and it was absolutely packed! We got a lot of information about cycling in Vienna (like bike maps and one-way ponchos for free), trips to Lower and Upper Austria, the Neusiedler Lake, Slovakia etc., got our bikes registered by the police, saw some new bikes (e.g. cool e-bikes) as well as second-hand bikes (unfortunately they didn't really have a good catch in my size), watched parts of the Vienna Air King contest (an international dirt jump contest), bought bicycle-buttons of the great Motmot Shop and could try out some really weird bikes: tall bikes, penny-farthing bikes (high wheeler), swing bikes, fixies that are used to play bike polo and some other constructions that I can't even name.

Here are some impressions and us on some of these cool bikes. I can assure you that it was a lot of fun :-). It felt a bit strange to cycle back home on my "normal" bike though..

Handlebar is at the wrong position
In the beginning I didn't figure out how to ride the swing bike, but in the end it somehow worked :-).

Same problem with the tall bike which was even taller than me -- but once I got on it (without anybody else's help!), it was just awesome!

A bike with two gears: 1st -- pedaling forwards, 2nd -- pedaling backwards. Got it?!
Cheap second-hand bikes
Old bike with old bell and old front brake
Actually a bike for three
Amazing jumps
Although I don't want an e-bike, they might be useful to others.


Dottie said...

Those pictures are a hoot! Sounds like a fun time :)

Carolyn said...

Those are some cool looking bikes!

'Xander Labayen said...

looks like fun.. can't wait for the snow to stop.. yah snow in april..yuck.

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