Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last Saturday I entered and finished my first Brevet over a distance of 200km. Brevets are long distance bicycle rides from 200km up to 1400km. Despite they're not races, Brevets are bike sports. There is no winner and for the most entrants the ride time comes second as long as they finish in time (e.g. 13 hours for 200km, which is easily to achieve on a road bike under fair conditions). Famous European brevets are Paris – Brest – Paris and London – Edinburgh – London.

66 entrants waiting for the start.

In Austria brevets over distances from 200km up to 1000km are held, start and finish are near my hometown Linz (about 20km south of my home, so I can easily get there by bike). The routes of the Austrian events are quite challenging, leading through the lovely landscape of the Salzkammergut and over several mountain passes.

Salzkammergut – a nice region to relax in your holiday. Or to take pains on your bike.

The weather was fine that day, so I am beginning to look like road cyclists use to when being tanned while riding in the sunshine. So you may call me „Streifenhörnchen“ (chipmonk; "Streifen" is the German term for "stripe").

Soon I'm gonna look like this.


Dottie said...

Wow, very cool! I'd love to do something like that one day, but I'm in no condition to try it any time soon. Awesome views!

(In the States we call that a farmer's tan - except for the sporty classes and fingerless gloves, of course. :)

anna said...

I think I also need a road bike so that I can keep up with you (at least when you're on your city bike :-)).

Anna said...

Congratulations ;)! Anna told me you'd be doing it. By the way the picture of the landscape is really beautiful!

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