Thursday, July 29, 2010

The bicycle, a status symbol?

We all know that cars are status symbols. But what about bicycles? I think they are too. It's not so much about expensive bicycles though, more about style.

Still, over-priced bicycles are on their way. I finally got the message when I strolled through the posh center of Vienna last night. A bicycle in a shop window at the Graben.


Well, nothing special as such. I've seen bicycles advertising clothes many times, and so has Sonja (see "Bikes in commercial use"). But this time, the bicycle itself was actually for sale in a boutique. And for what it is it was by no means cheap:

bike for sale  price tag
3400 € (= 4443 $) for that bicycle?!

Ok, the ride looks neat. But who pays that much for such a bicycle?

(Probably those who pay that much for a shirt etc.)


Trisha said...

Heh. Probably the same person who pays 920 EUR for a pullover! Bikes are just the latest thing to be elevated into the arena of conspicuous consumption, it seems.

Frits B said...

Those who already have Hermès scarves, Hermès bags, Hermès belts, Hermès pullovers, Hermès shoes, and wear Hermès perfume. Did I tell you it's all about Hermès? With that annoying è that requires three strokes on my computer?

The bike is cheap, by the way. Hermesophiles can do much better:

Frits B said...

Have you tried Googling "Hermes bicycle"? There are lots of people swooning over a low-specification but prettified Batavus, apparently. Incredible.

Nick said...

Seems a bit overpriced. You can pick them up where I live for a tenth of that money.

TheJeanGenie said...

Wow, didn't notice that. :)
I'll take a look next time I go past, hopefully it's still there! Eeek...
If you can pay that much for a bicycle, you really should ride it EVERY day.

Graben = pedestrianised zone, ah, I do love a bit of irony...

Anonymous said...

Just one question. Do you really have to buy expensive "vehicles" or "bikes" just for transportation or you are just not being practical? get it? why should i bought something that cost more than what i'm earning? they are just bought because of brand and not of practicality.

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