Saturday, September 4, 2010

Compartida, la vida es más

This title is a tag line from a TV mobile network company ad broadcasted in Spain during this spring (Spanish readers, correct me if I'm wrong ;)). It means "Shared, life is more". As a linguist, I am still pondering over the sense of grammatical unfinishedness of the tag line, but bear with me, "professional defect", I put a great dose to control myself but am not always successful...But that's another matter.

There were different ads (you can see them in Youtube) with the motto, but if I had to choose I would take this one:

Until the end of the ad, you are not sure what it is about...then you see the motto and start noticing some details...which ones do you get? Do you think the motto is appropriate? And, last but not least, do you like the ad?

The more I watch it, the more I am amazed on how well it was orchestrated!


anna said...

It's really cool, and the music goes together very smoothly at the end. The motto I like, it's very positive. Generally, there is a nice feeling. The roads are empty, the sun is shining and there are a lot of people (also on foot).

bicyclemamy said...

loved it! the music combining beautifully in the end, the synchronization of the cyclist,the fun! que bueno:-).

Frits B said...

Main dissonant, seriously harming the composition: helmets. Why? Does this advertiser still think cycling is dangerous?

While I gladly leave the choice to the individual cyclist, I think that the idea of showing a group of relaxed cyclists wearing head armour rather spoils the message.

Anna said...

It is curious I imagined that the city was NOT s city in Spain, precisely because cyclists were following the rules and wearing helmet and because the city looks not Spanish. Why on earth do I associated Spanish with rule breaking? (whilst considering myself a rule follower and being born and bread in Spain). Mysteries of the brain...

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