Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Elephants, camels and hand bikes

One of the last places I've seen in India was Jaipur. It was a real treat after the stressful time in Delhi. Although there was a huge crowd of taxi drivers waiting and hassling me at the train station, the city itself was very relaxing.

Ok, it was hot too, even up to 43°C (that's 110 F). Jaipur is a city in the desert state Rajasthan in North India. People are encouraged to safe water and energy, even more than usual. On the streets I've seen elephants and camels being used as pack animals. Apparently -- as a local told me -- the price for a young camel is not very high, but the food for it is costly :-).

Jaipur is also called the pink city, because all the buildings in the center are painted in the same tone. To me, however, it looks more like a rusty red, but feel free to post your own interpretation of it. Here are pictures of a street, taken from windows in the famous Hawa Mahal:

All in all, Jaipur was very pleasant place to be. Some of the streets are still crowded but there are no bad traffic jams as compared to Delhi. I guess that cycling would be pretty ok and safe here. Indeed, I saw a lot of fashionable cyclists, and even hand bikers :-).


ibikelondon said...

It looks as though you are having a wonderful time, I've really enjoyed reading these 'postcards' from India, thank you so much for sharing them!

Have you been tempted to cycle around any of the Indian cities yourself yet??


anna said...

It's my pleasure :). I have actually been tempted to do that in Jaipur and the countryside (not anywhere else though). However, they don't really have a bike rental system or anything of that kind. But there are rickshaws, of course. At least some kind of a substitute, and probably safer than getting lost in the crowds myself :)

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