Sunday, April 18, 2010

Suddenly Vienna seems so peaceful...

After being back from India (see posts from Nagpur, Delhi and Jaipur) and its stressful traffic, I do appreciate the peaceful and almost empty streets in Vienna. Everything seems so organized and easy.

Gürtel bike path in Vienna

One can walk miles along a busy road, because there is a sidewalk. And even think about something completely far away, rather than watching out for all those cars and motorbikes that pass by!

Me cycling between all the fancy old houses in Vienna

I would not have dared to cycle in India, but I also did not have a chance to do so (no bike rental or anything of that kind is around). Ok, I suppose I could have easily bought a cheap bicycle, I have was really keen. But I wasn't.

Still, I miss the place. India is very fascinating, and especially for a me as a vegetarian a land of milk and honey (once I got used to eating with my fingers). I will definitely go back and explore more of it.

Sunset at Juhu beach, Mumbai


Ryan A. said...

That house you are in front of is splendid.
You should cycle past the Karlskirche for a quick photo.
Hope you are enjoying being back in Vienna.
Enjoying the posts

Frits B said...

The German ZDF tv station had a movie this Monday with location Vienna, where one of the protagonists, the "other woman", rode about on a mixte, a real one with straight twin top tubes. Couldn't see what the make was, however. Mixtes are a rare sight nowadays. And I hope Velouria doesn't conclude that bit-on-the-side = frivolity = mixte :-).

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