Friday, August 21, 2009

Putumayo and bicycles

Putumayo is my favorite world music record label. But their CDs don't just contain great music, they also have lovely covers that go with it. Here I've picked some of them that feature cyclists and bicycles as an integral part of life. Simple but impressive. I like it.

Putumayo Kids presents music for children.


Adrienne Johnson said...

This is one of my favorite labels, too. Music, like knowledge, is the great equalizer!

spiderleggreen said...

I really love their Mali compilation. Amazing how Mali has such great music, with so many great musicians. Tinariwin is my current favorite. It'll put you in the desert. I don't know how much good a bike would do you in the desert, though, unless it had some really fat tires.

Anna said...

How would you call the bike in "European playground" CD? Quatrindem???

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