Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Improved Citybikes

A while ago I've introduced the shared Citybike system in Vienna. So far there are 60 stations.

Old bikes
The single-speed bikes have a coaster brake on the back and a hand brake in the front. On the newer models this is a drum brake, earlier it was a rim brake. The dynamo for the lighting turns on automatically when it gets dark, something that I really like. Moreover, there is a basket in the front, a chain guard and a skirt guard (often used for advertising). The bikes are blue and yellow.

New bikes
As announced a few months back there will be new bikes out in summer. This week I've seen the first ones of this kind. All of the 200 brand-new bikes will be exchanged next week.

Brand-new Citybikes, copyright by Gewista

So far I haven't tried them yet, but here's a short summery of what I noticed when looking at them today: The new bikes have 3 gears with a grip shift. It looks exactly the same as the one I've seen in Barcelona on the BiCiNg bikes. Hurray for that, cause now it's easier to use the Citybikes in the hilly parts of Vienna. And that's what they actually want to do -- the system will be extended to the "hilly" districts 14 to 20 :-).

Moreover, the basket seems much more stable than the previous one. Plus, the bikes are silver now which contributes to their elegancy. And last but not least, the lighting was improved -- they claim that the side light works better. Enhanced damping of the solid tires should contribute to the comfort.

New Citybikes, copyright by Gewista

All in all I'm pretty excited. I can't wait for my first ride on one of the new Citybikes :-).

In case you want to try them out too, read more on (in English and German).


Velouria said...

I saw some of these being delivered a couple of days ago! It is good that they are updating them, though I could still do without those enormous advertisements. I wonder what they are going to do with the old ones?

spiderleggreen said...

I can't wait until we get some citybikes, next Spring.

Anonymous said...

Great that the scheme is growing. I really need to go and have a look at the one in Stuttgart (which is also growing) and see what their bikes are like.

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