Friday, December 11, 2009

Bike messengers in Vienna

Sorry, we're quite busy these days before Christmas. However, I always have the time to take some pictures while cycling. These are a few of bike messengers in Vienna. Although I have a rather short commute (and not so much in the city center), I do see them sometimes. Do you have any/many bike messengers in your town? What do they look like?


Steve A said...

I'd love to hear more about these messengers if you learn more.

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Anna ,our Messengers seem to be Bike Afficonado's who just love flying around on their Bikes. There is a mixed Bag of various kinds,

Some use Fixies and some Racing Bikes and some Hybrids and there is a Courier Company who uses Bullitt Long John Bikes. Some are like New age Travellers with long Dreadlock Hair and wear Hippy style Clothes. While others use Bicycle Specific Clothing,Bike Shorts Lycra and Spandex. Some of these use Helmets while others dont,

Most of these Couriers are to be found on the South side of the City where the Majority of Office Blocks and Business Houses are but you will also find them in the Financial Services District of the North Wall Dockland Area in Dublin.

They have the habit of always being in a rush and dash in and out of the Traffic and unfortunately take Chances with the Traffic. The more they can deliver the more Money they make.

As I am not always in the City anymore or on the South side much I hardly notice them now. But they are still delivering on there Bikes.

Over the Years,like beginning 25 Years ago there has been a lot of Trouble with the An Post our Postal Service. First they started getting Rid of Workers,then brought in Computerisation resulting in more Workers losing their Jobs. Resulting in a lot of Disasterous long Strikes. Because of this whereby Companies that used to use the Post to deliver their Business Mail and Documents found that the Post became unreliable and with each passing Year just got worse. So Delivering Mail by Couriers became very De Rigour leading to a Profusion of Motorbike and Bicycle Couriers. An Post never really got much of this Business back and they have continued to cut back on Workers and close a lot of Post Offices down.

Nowadays of course a lot of Mails are sent Electronically by E Mail save for Legal and Title Deeds and Brochures. So in actual fact there is less People delivering Mail whether by the Official Postal Service or by Courier/Messenger.Dublin Ireland

collector baseball cards said...

vienna I love that I can ride my bike without concern is a good system of roads of cilismo very well marked and semafors and lights that tell the pedestrian

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