Monday, November 2, 2009

Leg warmers are ladies' best friends in the winter

You like to ride in skirts and dresses? Ever wondered how to survive a cold winter's day with just (thin) tights? Well, let me tell you that suffering is not necessary. There is a simple and elegant solutions called leg warmers.

Leg warmers will obviously warm your legs. But they don't just keep you warm, they are also fashionable. They come in different lengths, colors and fabrics. Currently I own three woolen pairs, one of which is over knees. That is particularly useful if I want to wear rather thin tights underneath, or short skirts.

The good thing about all of them: once you get inside they are easy to take off or can simply be pushed down to the ankles. Besides you can wear them with all kinds of clothes (may it be skirts, dresses or trousers) and footwear (even boots).

And you can easily knit them yourself! It's almost as easy as kniting a scarf :). Find a few how-tos here: How to knit leg warmers, How to knit your own leg warmers, Knitting Pattern Central etc.

Ready for the winter now?


Anonymous said...

Yum, these look cozy and warm. I've been looking for good things to keep me warm during my bike commute, and these look just right.

Velouria said...

That is a very nice photo, did you take that?

I like legwarmers, but the ones that go over the knees tend to slide down my legs. I've tried many different kinds and this always happens. Don't know why, I don't have particularly skinny legs. How do you make yours stay?

Anna said...

When you talk about leg warmer and cool things for the real winter I am kind of jealous :P. Barcelona is not cold enough for leg warmers...Besides if I wear them...what will I wear when I go to a cold place??

anna said...

@ Filigree: No, the photo wasn't shot by me, but I quite like it. Hm, I don't have anything that makes my long leg warmers stay up, but I have seen some with an elastic band. Maybe that would help..

@ Anna: Too unfortunate ;-). But maybe you could just wear very thin ones.

Dottie said...

Yes, I am a recent legwarmer convert and love them! I definitely want some above-knee ones, because otherwise they are not a feasible alternative to leggings in the winter. I wish I could knit, but I'm not going to attempt to start another project, especially something crafty. I was not born with the crafty gene, to my mom's disappointment :)

Anonymous said...


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